Spoon Gathering and Monetizing: Where the Heck is Eric

Look! It’s an eBook cover!

All right — so it’s been longer than expected. Which… perhaps ironically is to be expected. Things have been unusually rough these last several weeks at work and elsewhere. I won’t go into the laundry list, but suffice it to say we did our laundry, and it followed a list.

That may not have made any sense.

Anyhow — I’ve had to work out time management, and unfortunately it’s been Banter Latte that’s paid the price. There are a few reasons for that — some reasons I think everyone can get behind. And some… well, perhaps not as much. The former are simple — my work pays my bills, and beyond that my health, my wife, my wife’s health, my cat’s health (seriously. This is a thing. Why? I have no clue) have had to take precedence. This doesn’t make me any happier about Banter Latte suffering, but it’s something that I think everyone can agree with.

As for the bits people might not like….

Well, I’ll have to be frank. Banter Latte isn’t exactly a money making proposition.

Understand, I’m okay with this — I wasn’t writing here for the cash. I was writing here because I love to write. I love the stories that we’re able to tell here. I love Lovelace 1/2, Interviewing Trey, Corbett-877, and the myths. And in one sense, they’re an important part of my psychological well being. When I’m writing, I’m on a more even keel. My brain is happy.

But there’s also a practical side to all this, and unfortunately that practical side suffers in all this. Banter Latte loses money. Seriously — ads or no, it costs me more money to put the stuff out than it takes in, and the trends don’t look promising for that to change.

Does this mean we’re closing down? Hell no. All these stories are going to be finished, and they’ll be put here at no cost to you. However, I have some other prospects that will actually bring in money, and that’s really important, especially these days.

As a side note? Those of you who donated? Thank you. You guys are fantastic. And if you haven’t, that’s okay too. I’m glad you’re reading.

So. Things will be slow for now, but we’re not closing down.

Now. I am able to cheerfully point you all at the beginning of one prospect for me getting some cash. We’re getting some of the work up at Smashwords and on Amazon — so far, Proserpina and the Nemesid are both up for purchase at Smashwords and Amazon. Both have been cleaned up and revised, and I think they’re the stronger for it! If you want the convenience of Kindle through Amazon’s site, it’s there for you! If you want DRM-free or lots of other formats, Smashwords is your hookup. And both are going to be moving to lots of other sites like Barnes and Noble and… top sites as soon as the systems churn them out. There will be a lot of other stories going up there over the next week or two as well.

No, the free versions of these stories are not going to be taken down from this site. Frankly, I think that would be a dick move at best. Please feel free to reread them all you like! Though — if you want to jump on these sites and review the eBooks, that would be a really nice thing to do. And if you would like to buy the revised versions… well, I will like you a lot.

Lots more of these stories will be appearing on these and other sites soon as well. Also, that sweet sweet Nemesid cover that appears up above is full sized on my freshly minted Deviantart page. There will be other stuff appearing there as well.

So. To recap: I’m not leaving Banter Latte or taking stuff off the site. However, I do need to focus on paid work for a bit, which will slow me down here. Not coincidentally, there’s writing of mine you can buy — and that would be an awesome thing! And in the meantime, that’s a nice picture up in the corner.

Thanks as always. More soon, with any luck.

…so, yeah. It’s been a bloody hard week, so my hopes of recarving out daily writing time and getting back to full buffer have vanished like… some… kind of vanishing thing. Also, my ability to produce similes is impaired. We’ll take another shot on Monday. Obviously, getting Lovelace and Trey out are the priorities right now, and they’ll be put into place. I have a plan to ensure some content during the week even if work continues to be worse than expected as well. Thanks for your continued support!

Corbett-877 #6

School’s well underway and we are back on track! Sorry for the momentary disturbance. And for those who dropped a tip in the hat — thank you. It’s well appreciated.

One cool thing about doing flashbacks in these episodes? It’s actually really freaking easy to work out the timestamps for them. Hooray for the metric system!

Well, the decimal time system.

Anyway, here’s Corbett-877 #6.

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State of the EB-W

Hey all!

As I mentioned in earlier posts, we are in the Start of School here at my day job. It’s easy to think of that in terms of one or two days — kids arrive, kids get set up, life goes on — but in practical terms its a couple of weeks worth of setup, implementation and fine tuning. We’re midway through the fine-tuning aspect of it, and it’s going fantastically, but I’m still running on significantly too little sleep and about three weeks without an actual day off (Labor Day I spent migrating systems no one needed to access because… well, it was Labor Day).

Which brings us to Banter Latte.

I have Corbett-877 at 95%, Interviewing Trey at 90%, and Lovelace 1/2 somewhere below that on the ‘ready to post’ layer. I have two myths sketched out and another project I want to do as a one-off. And I quite honestly have no capacity to do those last few things that need doing to actually post the work. When I’m not working, I’m in a haze. It’s funny to watch. My cat thinks I’m some kind of plush toy.

Wednesday has been very good at making sure I remember to eat.

I’m shooting to have the full run of posts return as of Monday. If I can get up the vim or vigor I’ll put something up this week as well, but I wouldn’t expect the main series stuff before next week. Once we do settle into the routine of the school year, I’ll have the time to start hammering on projects. During smooth times, doing 3,000-5,000 words a day is generally simple, which means two or three weeks will get the buffer refreshed and the system can go back to full automatic. I’m also considering rerunning some classic stuff from my past — things that didn’t appear on Banter Latte to begin with, but deserve a home.

On a side note, and I try to only rarely make mention, we do have a tip jar off to the side and — if you’ve enjoyed the work and are inclined — it would be nice to get a buck or three in it. If not, no worries. There will still be content as the storm settles.

Thanks as always, and enjoy the shrimp!

Lovelace 1/2 #13

As stated in the Labor Day post, this is one of the busiest two week periods we have in the business of academia. We’ve spent the summer prepping for students and faculty to return, but when they actually do return, things get amazingly crazy, amazingly fast. That’s where we are now, for those playing along at home. So, if my prep time was pushed to mid-day instead of morning… well, for the next two weeks that may happen. Sorry. (insert smily faced emoticon here.)

Of course, actually posting this has been a trial given some hosting company issues….

As for this particular episode of Lovelace 1/2….

Well, it was a hard one to write, but it’s also the first episode I conceptualized from beginning to end as an episode, before I even wrote #1.

Here it is.

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It’s Labor Day in America! Also, Open Myth Call for the Autumn!

As I wrote above, it’s labor day in America, which I’m actually spending working on my day job — it’s September, or as we call it in Academia, “the Apocalypse.”

So, in celebration of this day of rest, Corbett-877 is taking the day. He may show up later in the week, mind. I rather like this episode. But as long weekends often mean lower readership on Mondays anyhow, we may as well hold off a touch.

For those who do show up today, however, I’ll happily throw open the floor for the Autumnal Open Myth Call! If you’ve got questions that need mythological answers, this would be a lovely time to hear about them! Otherwise, if you’re in a place that celebrates Labor Day I hope you have it off, and if you’re not or you don’t… well, I hope your Monday’s going great anyway!


Interviewing Trey #12

And here we are at the end of the week, and with any kind of luck at all, this post will actually appear on Friday. My old friend Jonathan Lennox thinks that a modern myth discussing the scheduling daemons that actually put the posts up at their appointed times is in order, to perhaps mollify said spirits and give them the recognition they deserve. I’m pretty sure he’s right. It’s generally a mistake to get those guys angry at you. Think about how many scheduled events you have in your life on a day to day basis.

But, that’s not for today. Today we’ve got the second Trey post this week, getting us caught back up. Hope you like it!

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Lovelace 1/2 #12

So. It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s Lovelace 1/2.

This is an exceptionally busy time for me, day job wise. I work at a school — for the record, not Brooks-Carillon. In fact, my school and Brooks-Carillon aren’t that much alike, beyond a superficial similarity common to many private schools. However, we’re gearing up for the start of the school year, and this means my days are long and my nights are short.

Naturally, one of the pivotal moments of the story hits this week.

Here we go….

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Interviewing Trey #11

Tuesday, and it’s time to play catchup with Interviewing Trey. Which I hope was worth the wait, because in this episode….

Oh God, I don’t know if I dare say it… no, wait. I must say it.

In this episode… he actually interviews Trey

I know. Shocking.

Here it is. Lovelace tomorrow, then more Trey on Friday. Thanks as always, and tip your waiters.

(One last thing. Trey’s opinions should not be taken as the author’s. But we knew that, right?)

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Corbett-877 #5

Hey hi, all!

As a reminder, Interviewing Trey returns tomorrow at 9 am EDT, covering the phantom episode from last Friday. Then Lovelace 1/2 as we always expect on Wednesday, and then the next episode of Interviewing Trey on Friday. Got all that? Cool!

But it’s Monday right now, which means Corbett-877.

One thing that’s interesting about writing these is the aspect of serializing novels. Though I pretty much number these as episodes, they’re mostly structured as novels, broken into scenes with certain dramatic necessities taking place in certain ways. This is as much an opportunity for first-drafting as anything else. As a result, we make it to, say, part 5 of Corbett-877 and find ourselves still in Corbett’s Coffee. In one sense, we’re still in ‘Part One’ of the book.

The name of that part? “The Latest Liam Corbett.”

Here ’tis. Have fun!

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