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It’s Random Thursday yet again! It’s time to elaborate on monday’s myth a little.

Well, really what we’re doing is reprinting something I wrote in my Livejournal on my birthday back in 2005. Which actually requires a little backstory. Which seems weird, but there we are.

I have the good fortune to have been born on January the 27th. Besides making me an Aquarius and making my birthstone garnet, this also means I share a birthday with Mozart and Lewis Carroll, among others. It’s the second that we’re interested in right now.

You see, a few years back a guy named Dan Curtis Johnson declared that January 27 should be Down the Rabbit Hole Day on Livejournal. A day where like Alice we all went a little mad, and did our normal LJ posting, only from the world on the other side of the looking glass, however that fanciful nature came to the individual poster.

I found the idea charming and gave it the old college try, despite feeling ill that day (or perhaps because of it. Who can tell). I know some people have learned to despise Down the Rabbit Hole Day the same way they despise Nanowrimo or Talk Like A Pirate Day or many other events that encourage people to act out in public whether they have talent or not.

Regardless, I liked the bit of mythbuilding I did for that year’s Rabbit Hole, and it actually is informing the overall “Mythology of the Modern World” series, so it deserved at least a shot here in the Random Days.

Why isn’t it in the actual Myth block? Because the Myth block is meant to be new writing each week, not reprints of even germane subjects. So there. Nyah.

Anyway. Please enjoy Calliope Jones and the Writer’s Cusp.

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