Why do some people stay on the train past the end of the line?

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Monday as always is Mythology day, and it’s that time once again. (And who expected we’d still be keeping this up all these weeks later?)

Today’s myth offering answers a question posed by a fellow called CrazyDave. And you know, I’m not about to mess with him. Guy’s crazy. I was going to go with a different myth this time out, but then he posted this to http://vivomediaarts.com/viagra-from-canada the cialis for women last open forum and buy viagra canada'>buy viagra canada it just hit me right between the eyes. He writes:

Who are those people who don’t get off when a train reaches the end of the line? (Happens all the time on the Central Line to Ealing Broadway).

As it turns out, there’s a good answer to that, though I rephrased the question just slightly. I’m like that. So, the question is: why do some people stay on the train past the end of the line?

The answer? Follows. Because I am going to tell you.

I kind of like this one. It goes all the way back to story, with actually fewer digressions than normal. Let me know what you think.

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