It’s Labor Day in America! Also, Open Myth Call for the Autumn!

As I wrote above, it’s labor day in America, which I’m actually spending working on my day job — it’s September, or as we call it in Academia, “the Apocalypse.”

So, in celebration of this day of rest, Corbett-877 is taking the day. He may show up later in the week, mind. I rather like this episode. But as long weekends often mean lower readership on Mondays anyhow, we may as well hold off a touch.

For those who do show up today, however, I’ll happily throw open the best price viagra online'>best price viagra online floor for the Autumnal Open Myth Call! If you’ve got questions that need mythological answers, this would be a lovely time to hear about them! Otherwise, if you’re in a place that celebrates Labor Day I hope you have it off, and if you’re not or you don’t… well, I hope your Monday’s going great anyway!

  • Lurker Without

    I had a question from waaaaay back when. I’m fuzzy on the details now though. Something about is roadkill sacrifice and is swearing prayer?

  • Dave Van Domelen

    Are the Spirits of Radio behind the current trend in stations like Jack FM or Alice FM, where the station has a name but no on-air human personalities (just prerecorded bumpers)? Or are these stations an assault on viagra prescription label'>viagra prescription label the Spirits of Radio and their partnership with human DJs?

  • Cass

    I would really appreciate a college-centric myth… Something about the unique subculture that develops on campus. On a potentially unrelated note, what is the deal with sleep cycles?