Spoon Gathering and Monetizing: Where the Heck is Eric

Look! It’s an eBook cover!

All right — so it’s been longer than expected. Which… perhaps ironically is to be expected. Things have been unusually rough these last several weeks at work and elsewhere. I won’t go into the laundry list, but suffice it to say we did our laundry, and it followed a list.

That may not have made any sense.

Anyhow — I’ve had to work out time management, and unfortunately it’s been Banter Latte that’s paid the price. There are a few reasons for that — some reasons I think everyone can get behind. And some… well, perhaps not as much. The former are simple — my work pays my bills, and beyond that my health, my wife, my wife’s health, my cat’s health (seriously. This is a thing. Why? I have no clue) have had to take precedence. This doesn’t make me any happier about Banter Latte suffering, but it’s something that I think everyone can agree with.

As for the bits people might not like….

Well, I’ll have to be frank. Banter Latte isn’t exactly a money making proposition.

Understand, I’m okay with this — I wasn’t writing here for the cash. I was writing here because I love to write. I love the stories that we’re able to tell here. I love Lovelace 1/2, Interviewing Trey, Corbett-877, and the myths. And in one sense, they’re an important part of my psychological well being. When I’m writing, I’m on a more even keel. My brain is happy.

But there’s also a practical side to all this, and unfortunately that practical side suffers in all this. Banter Latte loses money. Seriously — ads or no, it costs me more money to put the stuff out than it takes in, and the trends don’t look promising for that to change.

Does this mean we’re closing down? Hell no. All these stories are going to be finished, and they’ll be put here at no cost to you. However, I have some other prospects that will actually bring in money, and that’s really important, especially these days.

As a side note? Those of you who donated? Thank you. You guys are fantastic. And if you haven’t, that’s okay too. I’m glad you’re reading.

So. Things will be slow for now, but we’re not closing down.

Now. I am able to cheerfully point you all at the beginning of one prospect for me getting some cash. We’re getting some of the work up at Smashwords and on Amazon — so far, Proserpina and the Nemesid are both up for purchase at Smashwords and Amazon. Both have been cleaned up and revised, and I think they’re the stronger for it! If you want the convenience of Kindle through Amazon’s site, it’s there for you! If you want DRM-free or lots of other formats, Smashwords is your hookup. And both are going to be moving to lots of other sites like Barnes and Noble and… top sites as soon as the systems churn them out. There will be a lot of other stories going up there over the next week or two as well.

No, the free versions of these stories are not going to be taken down from this site. Frankly, I think that would be a dick move at best. Please feel free to reread them all you like! Though — if you want to jump on these sites and review the eBooks, that would be a really nice thing to do. And if you would like to buy the revised versions… well, I will like you a lot.

Lots more of these stories will be appearing on these and other sites soon as well. Also, that sweet sweet Nemesid cover that appears up above is full sized on my freshly minted Deviantart page. There will be other stuff appearing there as well.

So. To recap: I’m not leaving Banter Latte or taking stuff off the site. However, I do need to focus on paid work for a bit, which will slow me down here. Not coincidentally, there’s writing of mine you can buy — and that would be an awesome thing! And in the meantime, that’s a nice picture up in the corner.

Thanks as always. More soon, with any luck.


#1 ubersoft on 10.08.13 at 9:55 pm

Cool! Is there any reason why you DRM’d the Amazon version?

#2 Eric Burns-White on 10.08.13 at 10:12 pm

Actually, I told it specifically I didn’t want DRM on the Amazon version. Mrph. I’ll go punch it.

#3 ArchangelBeth on 10.09.13 at 3:06 pm

You may not be able to fix it without unpublishing it entirely and re-uploading it, if the “no DRM” didn’t take. I think you only get one chance to decide.

*purchases from Smashwords, where the royalty will probably be better anyway*

#4 Eric Burns-White on 10.08.13 at 10:17 pm

Ah! I see the confusion. No, I didn’t DRM the Kindle version, but there’s a general sense that Smashwords is ultra DRM free (since there’s, like, RTF versions and the like there).

#5 Tamina on 11.09.13 at 12:54 am

Hiya! I just read all your Interviewing Leather/Trey and I looove them. So I bought your books on Amazon (mostly because I don’t have a paypal account) and they’re pretty awesome. I’ve been a longtime fan of mythology and I honestly never rethought Persephone’s story from her side, so that was great :)

I’m definitely hoping for a conclusion for Interviewing Trey but you gotta do what you gotta do and I’ll probably buy whatever you publish. So, you know, don’t stress. Thanks for the good words you lined up all nicely.

#6 Blargher on 01.21.14 at 1:02 pm

Just FYI, I am about to give up on checking back here since no newspostings happen and the linked pages also didnt get any updates since this was posted.
ANY official word is better then a silent, quarteryearlong hiatus after a posting that promised some activity sometimes in the future.

#7 Eric Burns-White on 01.21.14 at 4:11 pm

I can completely understand such a decision. Unfortunately (for here), we’ve had some major life issues that have put planned projects on back burners while we try to get some resolution.

I know, I hate that phrase as well.

I do have multiple things in the pipe that I want to start getting online both here and at Amazon. For Amazon, it mostly means reedited and in some cases revised work that’s appeared here before (though the work that’s here won’t go offline). I also have a pretty broad master plan for the long promised dead tree/e-book version of Interviewing Leather, with some additional elements to make people happy with it.

Beyond that, Andi keeps kicking me in my cerebral cortex. For the record, when (not if) more Lovelace 1/2, Corbett-877 and Interviewing Trey get generated, they will appear here, for free. It’s absolutely unfair to start stories in one place and then make you pay for the endings, unless that’s the deal you’ve got going in — and that is very much not the deal we’ve got here.

The major problem before was monetary — I had to bring in money with what I was working on, and I had some projects that let me do just that. The major problem now is time, because….

Well, I can’t go into details (they’re not mine to go into), but let’s just say we’ve had enough of Emergency Rooms and Hospitals this calendar year. Way enough. Way more than enough.

#8 Blargher on 01.22.14 at 7:19 am

Thanks for answering, I know the problem of unexpected needs for a hospitals emergency room as well.
I will keep an eye on the site and will probably buy a re-done version of leather once you are done with it.

#9 T Winkerson on 02.11.14 at 10:52 am

Aw, man, I’m really hoping Lovelace comes back :S Was kinda worried about where you were going with it (looked like it could end up being typical paranormal/psionic fare with the female who’s incredibly useful to all parties for support/REMF functions but constantly in peril and useless in combat) but if it turned out like I hoped with her becoming a gadgeteer type as her powers would allow (and as apparently other intelligence types already were judging by the super-advanced androids) then it promised to be a fantastic story. I freaking love stories where the protagonist is a gadgeteer type supe.

#10 Eric Burns-White on 02.11.14 at 2:45 pm

Andi *will* return. As for those tropes… well, I have some thoughts.

What are those thoughts?

Oh my. Look at the time.

#11 Stephen R. Marsh on 03.30.14 at 9:31 pm

Bought Yellow-Gray from Amazon. It was good. Guess you are finished here though, too bad.

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