On the question of relaunch/update/et cetera

Since last I complained reported, we’ve had a few more knocks. More doctoring, more weirdness. I may have gallstones or sludge (my favorite diagnosis ever. I have sludge!).

Oh, and I have a hernia. That’s okay, though. My intestines just wanted to poke their head out, have a look around. Who can blame them?

Despite this, and a setback in terms of my strategy, the relaunch proceeds apace. For the record, the relaunch will include Lovelace 1/2, Interviewing Trey and Corbett-877. So yes, there will be more.

And they will be free to read, right on Banter Latte. I won’t force you to pay for the rest of the story you’ve already started. That’s what we in the industry would call a ‘dick move.’

How much more?

That will still depend on you. I’ll put together a post soon, explaining how the new site will work.

There will be a bunch of other stuff. Reprints and rebroadcasts. And consolidations — but organized so folks won’t need to get caught up in the whole if they just want parts.

And there will also be serials — some all new stuff (well, some of it will seem pretty familiar, but still). That will be paid, but I hope folks will think it’s worth it.

really hope that, actually. My costs are going up in all of this. A few people donated money to me (and that has been amazingly cool and helpful), but what I really want are things that people can get that will give me the happy monies.

Still, Andi, Lee and Chapman will all be back. That’s perhaps the most important takeaway.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go apply heat to my gut, so I can gently encourage my insides to go back inside.


#1 Jim Zoetewey on 08.05.14 at 1:01 am

I don’t know how you’re planning to do the paid stuff, but I have plenty of observations and opinions about that.

Some of them might even be right.

Here are a few:
1. Paywalls: I’ve seen a few serials try that. I haven’t seen it work over the long term.
2. Pay for More Stuff: I’ve seen this work well–especially for Worm and Tales of MU. These days you can use Patreon to do it in a more organized way than I’ve seen it in the past. Personally, I write too slowly to put out more stuff. I’m already at the maximum, so I can’t add to the load.
3. Write it, then publish it: That’s more or less what I’m doing. I’ve only got one book out so far, but it’s actually making $100-200 per month. As such, publishing the next 6 years of the serial is sounding better and better. There’s a lot to be said for having an audience that’s already waiting for the story.
4. Advertising: Google and Project Wonderful haven’t done much for me in terms of money, but Blogads typically gets me something noticeable (around $75) once or twice a year.

Related to that, feel free to talk to me about the Pen and Cape Society (http://penandcapesociety.com). It’s essentially a group that’s trying to make superhero prose more visible (starting with our own books and online serials, of course).

#2 Packbat on 08.30.14 at 7:48 am

Given that you (meaning Burns-White) were planning on doing extra stuff anyway, Patreon seems like an especially good fit. The classic webcomic-merch monetization model is also an option: there are probably quite a few graphic artists you know who would make a wicked Jack of Knaves T-shirt design, say.

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