On Continuity, Statements, Revisions and Retcons

I made it perfectly clear, back in the days when things updated, that there were several universes dealing with the ‘superheroic,’ if such is a word we would want to use.

In particular, the Mythic hero, from long ago, in times of mystery men.

And the wings of Justice, or tales of now.

And I have no doubt but that when I said these things they were the truth.

But much has happened. To me. To them.

Maybe there was a crisis. A calamity. A disaster most foul.

Or maybe there was a hop between universes and worlds.

Or maybe we didn’t know the truth before, but we do now.


All I do know is this.


Justice Wing.

Linearity is for suckers.

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#1 Eric Burns-White on 11.13.14 at 7:54 pm

Before someone asks… no, this does not mean Lovelace 1/2 is a part of the above. That’s it’s own thing. The same with Corbett-877, Theftworld and all the rest.

(And yes, this also means they’ve got irons in the fire too.)

To be less obtuse… yes, this means that the Mythic Heroes and Justice Wing timelines are blending. How? Doesn’t really matter. Why? Matters, but I won’t tell you.

I’ll see you. Soon.

#2 Stephen R. Marsh on 02.15.15 at 5:11 pm

Just checking in, just in case there was more.

#3 Jhoward on 11.14.16 at 8:39 am

I miss this a good bit, some of the most solid writing around

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