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Poetry: Another Late Night

Sadly, it seems there’ll be no Leather this week. Once again, there’s just too much to be done, and by the time I get home I’m way too tired to consider writing. And so it’ll be a poetic week instead.

This is another poem written as a response to a painting from an Art History class I took back in ’92. This time, the subject is Albrecht Altdorfer’s The Battle of Alexander at Issus, which is kind of an amazing painting. If you have follow the link, be sure to look at the higher resolution version. It’s gorgeous and stunningly detailed.

Which informed the poem, really. And the kind of drive that has an artist go way beyond what anyone might expect of him.

Which, you know, can be said of writers too now and again.

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Poetry: Pippo Spano

This is late. I’m sick. Thursdays are random anyway, so what the heck.

This is actually the first poem I ever published, in an issue of the Black Fly Review. It was written for an art history class where we had to select a specific painting and give a response. The example was a poem, and I misunderstood and thought we were supposed to write a poem, which pissed me off.

As it works out, this is one of the high points of my academic career — one of those moments that changes your outlook forever.

The painting is Pippo Spano, by Andrea del Castagno, written for his “Cycle of Famous Men and Women.”

Sorry I’m a bit nonlucid tonight.

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Two Poems from the 90’s

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s another Random day. Today, we’re going to have a couple of poems I wrote in the 90’s. The first is called “Gypsy Bell,” written in Fort Kent, Maine, during the initial love affair I had with poetry. The second is called “Calliope and I” and was written in Seattle, Washington, not long after I moved there.

Despite their being poetry, one of them still manages to involve people sitting at a table and drinking coffee. God help me, I need a new scene.

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