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On moving days and migratory patterns

So, some of the folks who’ve signed up for updates for those strange, rare occurrences when a new post shows up over here noticed something a mite strange earlier today. It looked a lot, in fact, like a whole mess of Lovelace 1/2 had been posted. But when they tried to see — they saw a privacy notice instead.

Banter Latte is, you undoubtedly understand, rather anxious to be noticed again. As with all websites it feeds on clicks and referrals and it preens itself on commentary. So, it took the first opportunity to blast out a few look at me! messages, even when they’re premature.

The truth is… we’re moving sites, which includes a redesign.

It was way past overdue. This site’s creaking along at best, and it’s years out of date in regards to best practices and conveying of information. And… after years of major health issues and other such things, along with blah blah blah you don’t care it’s been a long few years… I really want to get writing again.

I’ve begun and scrapped a dozen ideas for how to do that. Finally, Wednesday said “just do it, Eric. Just write. Don’t worry about the rest.”

Wednesday is smarter than I am.

So. ‘Soon’ there’ll be a full move to a new site, and new content going up. Will some of that content be Lovelace 1/2, since that’s what was showing up in the updates? Well, yes. Yes it will. And Interviewing Trey and Corbett-877. But there’ll also be a move to take some of my very old writing and alter it at the alchemical level into something that doesn’t suck. Stuff will be posted here, stuff will be posted elsewhere, stuff will be put up on Amazon for people to buy if they want.

So that’s the deal, and I hope you’re all well.

State of the EB-W

Hey all!

As I mentioned in earlier posts, we are in the Start of School here at my day job. It’s easy to think of that in terms of one or two days — kids arrive, kids get set up, life goes on — but in practical terms its a couple of weeks worth of setup, implementation and fine tuning. We’re midway through the fine-tuning aspect of it, and it’s going fantastically, but I’m still running on significantly too little sleep and about three weeks without an actual day off (Labor Day I spent migrating systems no one needed to access because… well, it was Labor Day).

Which brings us to Banter Latte.

I have Corbett-877 at 95%, Interviewing Trey at 90%, and Lovelace 1/2 somewhere below that on the ‘ready to post’ layer. I have two myths sketched out and another project I want to do as a one-off. And I quite honestly have no capacity to do those last few things that need doing to actually post the work. When I’m not working, I’m in a haze. It’s funny to watch. My cat thinks I’m some kind of plush toy.

Wednesday has been very good at making sure I remember to eat.

I’m shooting to have the full run of posts return as of Monday. If I can get up the vim or vigor I’ll put something up this week as well, but I wouldn’t expect the main series stuff before next week. Once we do settle into the routine of the school year, I’ll have the time to start hammering on projects. During smooth times, doing 3,000-5,000 words a day is generally simple, which means two or three weeks will get the buffer refreshed and the system can go back to full automatic. I’m also considering rerunning some classic stuff from my past — things that didn’t appear on Banter Latte to begin with, but deserve a home.

On a side note, and I try to only rarely make mention, we do have a tip jar off to the side and — if you’ve enjoyed the work and are inclined — it would be nice to get a buck or three in it. If not, no worries. There will still be content as the storm settles.

Thanks as always, and enjoy the shrimp!

Administrative: Late Post Today

Hey all!

I discovered a few problems with today’s Lovelace, when I was actually pretty far out and about. I fixed some of them on the road (and screwed up in editing them, as some folks may have noticed). Unfortunately, I got back pretty darned late, so the actual post is going to be a little later than usual, this morning.

Thanks for your patience!