Frequently Asked Questions

What are the odds anyone has actually asked any of these questions? Leave me alone, I’m drinking cough syrup.

What the Hell is a Banter Latte?
Any coffee which lubricates conversation. When two people sit across a table from each other, particularly in a trendy coffee shop, and start to trade quips and barbs, they’re enjoying some freshly made banter lattes.
Why is this website called Banter Latte?
This is where my fiction lives on the web now, and I am the undisputed king of setting conversations around coffee tables. Or, you know, bars or other places where there can be beverages.
It says I need to register to comment on posts. How do I do that?
There’s a link at the bottom of the post to a screen where you can register. You’re going to need a username and a password, which shouldn’t be a big deal to come up with. You’re on the Internet for God’s sake. Once you have those, you can log in and comment. You can also subscribe to the comments on a given post, if you want to follow the conversation.
Does this mean Websnark’s dead?
Not really.
Can you elaborate on that?
Look, there’s not much to say. I love Websnark. I’ve loved everything we’ve done over there. However, in the nine years since we started it, I’ve said… well, almost everything I wanted to say, at least in the non-fiction essay mode. So, officially I’m semi-retired. When I have a topic, I’ll write it and stick it there. For now, though, my interests are writing.
Why do you password protect some of the posts?
These were parts of a story that was ¬†intended for publication. At the time, very few publishers (or agents) would touch online work — they considered it ‘previously published.’ In the time since then, that’s largely changed. Several publishers have revised their policies. Between that and the growth and legitimizing of self-publication, the need’s greatly reduced. For now the stuff’s still locked up, but over the course of the next few months I’ll republish it without the locks.
How do I get the password?
There’s a thing at the top of the page that says “Request Password.” Click that and fill out the magical form of happiness!
Do I need a different password for every one of the protected posts?
No. One password should unlock them all, magically.
Dude. Make sure you have cookies turned on..
Is Banter Latte released under Creative Commons
Not as yet.
Why not?
Pissing off Cory Doctorow is fun.
Can you elaborate on that?
Dude. It’s a joke. I like Cory Doctorow. I also like Creative Commons. In fact, all of Websnark has had a Creative Commons license applied to it since day one. However, right now I’m reramping my creative career, and while I’m doing that I don’t want to apply an irrevocable rights assignment to the work. There are some posts and stories I’m going to be opening up under Creative Commons, however, and over time we’ll see.
Will you read my webcomic?
You want the other website.
How do I contact you, other than through commenting on the posts?
Click the ‘contact’ link at the top of the page. That’ll give you an e-mail form. This will help keep my address from being flooded with spam, and that will make us all happier!
Why do you have ads and a ‘donations’ button?
Like I said, I’m reestablishing my writing career. That means monetizing the website, at least right now. The ads let me do that with minimum impact, but¬†
What are the rules for commenting on posts?
For the most part, ‘don’t be a jerk.’ Don’t be abusive towards other commenters. Be moderately polite. And bear in mind this isn’t a commentary site like Websnark — you don’t have to like everything I do or kiss my ass, now or ever, but if you don’t like anything on here it’s probably best if you just stop reading.