Interviewing Leather, Part One

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Welcome to the first “Random” day on the schedule. Today we have part one of a cheerful short story entitled “Interviewing Leather.”

Some artists have blue periods. Some poets have sonnet sequences. I? Write stories about superheroes. It’s this thing I do. And this one is relatively high concept, though God knows where I could sell it. The basic idea is “what if Rolling Stone sent a reporter to interview a B-list supervillain.”

This is part one because the story isn’t finished, and maybe when I run out of parts I’ll finish it. We’ll see. I don’t promise a regular update schedule, though.

You’ll notice (if you care) that the categories include ‘Justice Wing.’ I’ve been building up a self-contained world I can write superheroesque stories in for some time. Apparently for my own amusement, because Kavalier and Clay aside there isn’t exactly a burgeoning market for these things. Damn Superguy for scarring me.

Some of the language isn’t all that kid-friendly. But then, I do have a mature readers warning on the site. Enjoy!

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Interviewing Leather, Part Two

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It’s another random day, and so here’s part two of the faux-Rolling Stone article “Interviewing Leather. You can also read part one if you like.

I make reference in this one to a “henching union.” There’s a degree to which that name checks Brad Guigar’s Evil, Inc. That’s okay with me because Guigar’s fantastic, and I’m not stealing anything by name.

One area where this is different, though, is that “Interviewing Leather” isn’t really satire. It’s light, mind. But it’s not sending up the superheroic conventions. That’s something I sometimes thing today’s comic book writers need to understand. You don’t have to be dark, or morbid, or ultra serious to write a comic book that’s not satire, and you don’t have to be denigrating the form, satirizing the form or parodying the form to write a “light” comic.

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Interviewing Leather, Part Three

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And here we are, a random Tuesday, and right now that means it’s time to Interview Leather. I’d say more, but I’m not feeling terribly good, so have a cut block and see you tomorrow for Storytelling.

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Interviewing Leather, Part Four

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It’s Tuesday, which for the moment seems to mean Interviewing Leather! It’s Gay Talese, only not!

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Interviewing Leather, Part Five

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I’m breaking the Leather story where the scene breaks naturally fall. That mean’s this week’s is shorter than normal. But then, it had to happen sometime, right? Anyway. Here’s Leather. Have fun with her!

Because there’s nothing more fun than spreadsheets….

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Interviewing Leather, Part Six

This entry is part 6 of 14 in the series Interviewing Leather

Because I love you thiiiiiiiis much, it’s the sixth part of “Interviewing Leather.” We’re actually moving into the first extensively changed/written bits since I started posting this as a serial — since as you’ll recall, the story was unfinished to begin with — and I hope you enjoy the result. Things are also a bit more active in this week’s entry. But then, that had to happen sooner or later, right?

It is worth noting the language is a little bit rougher in this entry.

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Interviewing Leather, Part Seven

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This is late — for some value of late given that Tuesdays are still officially Random and I don’t have an obligation (for some value of obligation) to actually update on them. Still, it is the next installment of “Interviewing Leather” and I’m glad to have it.

It’s also a bit longer — clocking in around thirty-five hundred words. I considered cutting it in half and doing it over two weeks, but in one sense the “scene” had been cut in half already, with last week’s asskicking leading into this one. So, I decided to go with this one.

The themes continue to be mature on this bit, both in language and in other stuff. I’m really interested to see what people think of this one.

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Interviewing Leather, Part Eight

This entry is part 8 of 14 in the series Interviewing Leather

And thus did Tuesday come, and “Interviewing Leather” came right along with it!

I’m not sure what else I have to say, other than ‘enjoy’ and ‘aside from some saltiness of language, it’s less mature rated.’ So instead, I give you the very first LEATHER FAN ART! This come to us from the Minister of Awesome herself Katie Tandler at (click on the thumbnail to get the full sized experience. Though even the thumbnail is cool):

Interviewing Leather, the Fan Art!

This is frighteningly accurate (at least, with a “DC Animated Universe” feel, which somehow works for me) and it is amazingly cool. And thank you to Kate for providing it.

Enjoy the new episode!

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Interviewing Leather, Part Nine

This entry is part 9 of 14 in the series Interviewing Leather

Hey hey, kids! It’s time for another “Interviewing Leather!”

This is a story, as I’ve mentioned before, that I’ve been working on for just over a year. That includes some of my notes, and also includes the character of Darkhood, mentioned in the last couple of episodes as a C-list superhero.

Well, it only hit me last week, with a reference made in a rather poignant strip, that Brad Guigar had included a Dark Hood in his brilliant Evil, Inc. comic strip. No confusion or infringement was intended, which I figure you all know but it’s worth saying. And you should read Evil, Inc. regardless.

Otherwise — last week’s episode inspired more fan art! One comes from Dave Van Domelen, a cohort from the Superguy days (as well as lots of other things) and features Dynamo Girl shouting the catchphrase I stole from Scott Kurtz. The other come from Gossamer Commons co-conspirator Peter Venables who renders a post-car wrecking moment from earlier in the series. Yay! I get fan art! You should click on the thumbnails for full sized, of course!

Dynamo Girl! Leather and the Car!

Beyond that, please enjoy the story!

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Interviewing Leather, Part Ten

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And here we have part ten of “Interviewing Leather.” A moderately well-anticipated part, as near as I can tell, as we’ve got Dynamo Girl and Todd out in the city proper now, out to save the world.

There’s not much more I can say, other than ‘enjoy!’

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