Interviewing Leather, Part Five

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I’m breaking the Leather story where the scene breaks naturally fall. That mean’s this week’s is shorter than normal. But then, it had to happen sometime, right? Anyway. Here’s Leather. Have fun with her!

Because there’s nothing more fun than spreadsheets….

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Interviewing Leather, Part Four

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It’s Tuesday, which for the moment seems to mean Interviewing Leather! It’s Gay Talese, only not!

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Interviewing Leather, Part Three

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And here we are, a random Tuesday, and right now that means it’s time to Interview Leather. I’d say more, but I’m not feeling terribly good, so have a cut block and see you tomorrow for Storytelling.

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Interviewing Leather, Part Two

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It’s another random day, and so here’s part two of the faux-Rolling Stone article “Interviewing Leather. You can also read part one if you like.

I make reference in this one to a “henching union.” There’s a degree to which that name checks Brad Guigar’s Evil, Inc. That’s okay with me because Guigar’s fantastic, and I’m not stealing anything by name.

One area where this is different, though, is that “Interviewing Leather” isn’t really satire. It’s light, mind. But it’s not sending up the superheroic conventions. That’s something I sometimes thing today’s comic book writers need to understand. You don’t have to be dark, or morbid, or ultra serious to write a comic book that’s not satire, and you don’t have to be denigrating the form, satirizing the form or parodying the form to write a “light” comic.

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Interviewing Leather, Part One

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Welcome to the first “Random” day on the schedule. Today we have part one of a cheerful short story entitled “Interviewing Leather.”

Some artists have blue periods. Some poets have sonnet sequences. I? Write stories about superheroes. It’s this thing I do. And this one is relatively high concept, though God knows where I could sell it. The basic idea is “what if Rolling Stone sent a reporter to interview a B-list supervillain.”

This is part one because the story isn’t finished, and maybe when I run out of parts I’ll finish it. We’ll see. I don’t promise a regular update schedule, though.

You’ll notice (if you care) that the categories include ‘Justice Wing.’ I’ve been building up a self-contained world I can write superheroesque stories in for some time. Apparently for my own amusement, because Kavalier and Clay aside there isn’t exactly a burgeoning market for these things. Damn Superguy for scarring me.

Some of the language isn’t all that kid-friendly. But then, I do have a mature readers warning on the site. Enjoy!

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